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Why you should work with us

First things first, we want your real estate investment to be successful and to help you achieve your goals. How do we do this…After 20 years of Real Estate Lending and Investing experience, we personally meet with you to understand your needs and evaluate the entire project including property evaluation, rehab costs, after rehab value, and total project costing. While we cannot guarantee your success, we can guarantee your risk will be minimized with our assistance and expertise.

Michael Krupp
CEO of MD Private Lender

We understand deadlines so
we will make sure you and
your contractor get funds for
rehab draws quickly.

Our experience and
resources in real estate
investing will help save
you time and money.

Knowing that you can depend
on your lender long term as a
financial partner vested in your
success will help you grow.

Total Amount of Loans

since 2009


Ready. Set. Loan.

We’re easy to work with because after 20 years of experience, we are experts in real estate investing and the lending process. We also understand people, so let us help make this experience for you a successful one. If you are looking for a loan, give us a little information and we will respond back to you within 24 hours.

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MD Private Lender, 3512 Woodvalley Drive | Baltimore, MD 21208

Michael Krupp
Phone 410-340-6171
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